TCLI Poetry Competition In Aiding Children’S Financial Discipline

In encouraging children to save more, TCLI Foundation announces a Poetry writing competition for children aged 8-16 years old.

Theme: ‘My money, my future’
‘My education, my future’

Write and submit an original work of poetry capturing either of the themes above showing the importance of saving for the future or importance of education to your future.

Entries to be sent to

We look forward to reading your entry.

The winning poem will get a cash gift $100, a financial…..

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Winner Of Our Poetry Contest: My Education, My Future – Emmanuel Oloye

My education is important,
It plans out my life.
It can help me get a job,
And rid the world of strife.

My education is helpful,
It can make me smart.
And I can have knowledge,
In subjects like math or art.

My education is…

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