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Our mission is to empower the marginalized in our community, give voice to the voiceless, hope to the despondent and light out obscure areas. With our art, culture, and literature we are empowering one feat at a time. To Conquer. We Conquer. Together

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Hear what previous participants have to say about partaking in our activities and programs. 


Joining the sisterhood platform has impacted me positively. The activities and programs designed are purpose driven to provide support to immigrants of which I am one. They also make necessary resources available which helps in building us. I learnt about vision boards from this platform which is a great tool in setting and accomplishing goals. The most recent program I benefited from is the conversation session that held in celebration of the Black History month in Canada. These sessions focused on Bridging Racial gaps and Bridging Gender gaps and what Men have to say. This particularly widened my knowledge because I am not only a black Immigrant but a black female immigrant who faces a number of discrimination. Thus need to know how to react to such and in the right way. My message to those looking for support system will be to look for a platform or environment that seek to promote and encourage positivity and growth mindset like the sisterhood so as to overcome whatever challenge that arises.


The Sisterhood platform has been of immense help - I got a laptop when I needed one, a network of sisters where you share ideas, rub minds and grow together. Sisterhood also has many more benefits that I am yet to tap into. I have invited my friends to join and they have also invited theirs. I have also benefited from the various sessions we have had on mental health, career, tax information, vision board etc. If you need a support system - Sisterhood is the place


As a new immigrant,  it was quite difficult getting my first job in Canada and finding like-minded people to network and interact with, and to learn more about my field, which made settling down in  Canada challenging. Thanks to sisterhood accountability partner initiative, I was paired with a partner who encouraged me and helped me take good career decisions. As a result, I was able to transition a certification I previously had in Nigeria to a Canada equivalent to increase my employability. Also through sisterhood, I have been able to benefit from different sessions, such as learning how the Canada tax system works and other topics like managing stress and work life balance . To other sisters out there, information is king in Canada. Leverage on platforms like sisterhood for networking and to also meet strong, like minded women who are always willing to share and help out.


The TCLI platform enables me to connect with Alicia (a speaker on one of the TCLI event), who spoke about making tough choices between family and career. I reached out to her and we have been friends since then. She is always willing to share her opinion, render assistance and gene