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TCLI Foundation

“There is no surer foundation for a beautiful friendship than a mutual taste in literature.”

– P.G. Wodehouse

TCLI Foundation

TCLI Foundation is a black-led non-profit organization focused on mitigating socio-economic gaps existing in the communities we serve. We do this by providing education and social interventions with three core foundational pillars;
1. Financial Stability
2. Quality Education &
3. Safe Health Practices

TCLI Foundation is a registered non-profit organization in Canada and provides solutions to mitigate against existing community gaps by providing educational and social programming with three core foundational pillars – financial stability, quality education and safe health practices. TCLI Foundation is geared towards effecting societal changes through literature, arts and culture. Building a strong community and reinforcing shared spaces to aid one another, towards strength, freedom, independence and satisfaction.

We are here for you, take a step with us, and let’s sail together on this journey of good health, quality education and financial stability.

What We Are Made Of

we are together

We are always together as a team.

we make ourselves known

We can be visibly seen by all.


Our programs are targeted at children, youths and women. Other programs are directed at Newcomers, marginalised communities and the general populace.  

Book Club New
Our children programs include;
Book club

The virtual book club is for kids aged 5-11 years to develop their reading culture. This involves some reading exercises by the kids, interactions, and better local, national and international exposure through journeying with books. These books are read from our digital library:

Book Club
Kids Virtual Summer club
Kids Virtual Summer club

Our Virtual Summer Camp provides social activities, games, intercultural experience, academic opportunities, field trips, sports and much more for the kids.

Kids camping

TCLI Foundation organises two bootcamp sessions for kids in the year: summer and fall/winter. These programs are targeted at building the total child. Core areas in these boot-camps include academic and developmental skills, financial literacy, entrepreneurship, games, field trips, sports, social wellness, community awareness through cultural and intercultural activities. These activities will help in building the children for healthy communities.

Kids summer
Activities for women include;
Sisterhood Project

Sisterhood is a TCLI Foundation initiative to create a safe space for African women for the purpose of independence, inclusion and empowerment. An 8-week boot-camp is organised annually mainly for women economic empowerment. Periodic conversation cafés and monthly meetings are organised to touch base with our women, and create a safe space for them to share unashamedly and receive support when needed.
Financial literacy sessions are organised in collaboration with partners targeted at providing the women with education, information and resources to be financially empowered. Qualified partners also provide counselling sessions for African women who may be in need of such services.

sis hood
Youth mentoring
Our youth activities include;
Youth Mentoring

TCLI Foundation provides mentoring services to youths aged 15-30 years. This mentoring sessions are for the purpose of creating volunteer experiences for them, employability and work culture sessions, raising socially responsible young adults, scholarship applications and gathering the essential skillsets towards integrating into the Canadian workplace and the community at large.
Other programs TCLI foundation is involved in are for newcomers, marginalised communities and the general populace. These include;

volunteers, hands, tree
Food Pantry New
Food Pantry

We have a food pantry where food is provided for families in need. We also provide culturally appropriate food for newcomers in a bid to reduce the culture shock and aid their settling in process.

Food Pantry
New Comers
Newcomers’ information sessions

Financial literacy sessions are organised for newcomers who are moving from a debit-based society to a credit-based society. Other financial empowerment toolkits including savings, budgeting, insurance and investment are spoken about to enable individuals make better financial decisions. Also, issues or concerns about settlement and integration, job placements and community connections are discussed at length.

Towunmi Coker Speaking
Mental Wellness
Mental Wellness

We provide mental health education and support to Canadians particularly children, women and youth who are of vulnerable age groups.

Mental Wellness

TCLI conducts research towards addressing existing community gaps and providing support services to build healthier and more sustainable communities.

Towunmi Coker Speaking
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Our Other Works

Interested in our other works in other countries, let’s take you down the drive, as you click the next picture.

Joining the sisterhood platform has impacted me positively

Joining the sisterhood platform has impacted me positively. The activities and programs designed are purpose driven to provide support to immigrants of which I am one. They also make necessary resources available which helps in building us. I learnt about vision boards from this platform which is a great tool in setting and accomplishing goals. The most recent program I benefited from is the conversation session that held in celebration of the Black History month in Canada. These sessions focused on Bridging Racial gaps and Bridging Gender gaps and what Men have to say. This particularly widened my knowledge because I am not only a black Immigrant but a black female immigrant who faces a number of discrimination. Thus need to know how to react to such and in the right way.

My message to those looking for support system will be to look for a platform or environment that seek to promote and encourage positivity and growth mindset like the sisterhood so as to overcome whatever challenge that arises.


Sisterhood platform has been of immense help!

The Sisterhood platform has been of immense help – I got a laptop when I needed one, a network of sisters where you share ideas, rub minds and grow together. Sisterhood also has many more benefits that I am yet to tap into. I have invited my friends to join and they have also invited theirs. I have also benefited from the various sessions we have had on mental health, career, tax information, vision board etc.

If you need a support system – Sisterhood is the place


Thanks to sisterhood program

As a new immigrant,  it was quite difficult getting my first job in Canada and finding like-minded people to network and interact with, and to learn more about my field, which made settling down in  Canada challenging.

Thanks to sisterhood accountability partner initiative, I was paired with a partner who encouraged me and helped me take good career decisions. As a result, I was able to transition a certification I previously had in Nigeria to a Canada equivalent to increase my employability. Also through sisterhood, I have been able to benefit from different sessions, such as learning how the Canada tax system works and other topics like managing stress and work life balance .

To other sisters out there, information is king in Canada. Leverage on platforms like sisterhood for networking and to also meet strong, like minded women who are always willing to share and help out.


Helped me to connect with people

The TCLI platform enables me to connect with Alicia (a speaker on one of the TCLI event), who spoke about making tough choices between family and career. I reached out to her and we have been friends since then. She is always willing to share her opinion, render assistance and generally giving moral and emotional support.

I want to encourage others to reach out to anyone you think might be of help to you. You might not get a positive response all the time but keep at it. Be open minded, be positive. There are people who have passed through whatever you might be going through. Run your thoughts by them, reach out for support, maintain a work life balance, drink lots of water and just have fun