With the sudden appearance of COVID-19, our lives have had to change with more desire for sustenance as opposed to ticking goals we had for the year 2020. Some even wondered, is this the long awaited vision 2020?

Nevertheless, resilience is our watchword and we must find a way to attain balance at this time. Unfortunately, fingers are not equal, and as such this pandemic has caused a lot of harm leaving people jobless, sick, tired, hungry and despondent.

At TCLI our goal is to empower the marginalised in our community, provide a safe space for inclusion and help people towards their journey of independence and building of resilience. And we realise to achieve this, basic amenities have to be met with a good state of mind.

In other to build a strong lasting community, we have been trying to help our community survive at this time and we have done this through two programs. We delivered grocery care packages and personal care items to families affected by this pandemic. Our target were newcomers, low-income earners and (vulnerable) youths. Also, we started the TCLI Virtual Book club, for kids age 5-14years to keep them engaged at this time, help them understand what is going on and also promote reading culture in this age group.

We pray for strength to families affected at this time and we hope to continuously provide our community with the support it needs.

Stay safe.