RISING YOUTH – Collaborations that empower

Rising youth is a project by Taking it Global to empower young people with creative ideas towards community enrichment. Through shaping youths in taking bolds steps towards community impact, rising youth has empowered a lot of youths towards self confidence, taking steps towards ideas and projects they envisage. Some of which have birthed several organisations, new projects and help shape existing projects.

TCLI Foundation was able to kickstart its book club through the rising youth grant from the Founder, Towunmi Coker. After which other youths through TCLI Foundation’s referral have had other projects. In addition, five different youths have been able to carry out different projects through rising youth grants in collaboration with TCLI Foundation, such as reading sessions, books clubs, COVID-19 food emergence supply, virtual learning platforms, zoom community networks, seminars and sessions, and winter community food security program.

In addition to Rising youth empowering youths, it has helped empower smaller organisations  like TCLI Foundation who are seeking to impact and empower the community. Also, provision of an opportunity to extend such impacts to the youths within their network. Youths are able to take giant and bold steps in reaching more areas within the community; improving existing projects, birthing new projects and organisations, instilling confidence and appropriate use of time. It is also an opportunity to keep volunteering alive and a joyful self-fulfilling experience, people look forward to and incorporate as a way of life.