Winner Of Our Poetry Contest: My Education, My Future – Emmanuel Oloye

My education is important,
It plans out my life.
It can help me get a job,
And rid the world of strife.

My education is helpful,
It can make me smart.
And I can have knowledge,
In subjects like math or art.

My education is essential,
It creates a calm space.
I can look at the world,
And make it a better place.

My education is good for me,
Great thinkers are my companions.
I can also learn and grow,
To adapt like the champions.

My education is great,
I see things in different perspectives.
Being less ignorant, more aware,
It makes me more objective.

My education is awesome,
It leads me to spectacular success.
It also helps me make choices,
And I can craft a future with no stress.

My education is crucial,
It teaches me to help others.
Whether neighbours that are near,
Or strangers across borders.

My education is outstanding,
It gives me courage,rids me of fear.
I can face the dangers ahead,
Even when my path is not clear.

My education is truly mine,
No one can take it away from me.
wealth can be lost and even health too,
But an educated mind will stick with me.

Emmanuel Oloye is 12 years Old