Financial Literacy That Changes Your Financial Future


Did you know that Safeway, Save on Food, and RONA offers a hefty discount every last Tuesday of the month? Well, knowing where to save, how to save, and when to save determines the length of a Dollar in our pockets. It might stay longer or otherwise depending on if we are armed with the right knowledge to make it last, or to stretch it.

We all dream of owning a house, a car, and many others things that may cost more than our weekly income. This means that we are willing to go into a long term payment plan to pay for these items while we use them.

On Monday, October 28, 2019, at the Canadian Imperial College, TCLI Foundation organized a session to help Edmontonians grapple with mortgages, coupled with other financial literacy topics like savings, and how to become financial independence.

The session had presentations on the 10 healthy habits of financial management, Basics of a Mortgage, The Newcomer’s Guide to becoming financially independent, and was spiced up by the launch of TCLI E-Library.

We talk about our dire financial situations everyday but still need a leg up on managing it properly to be able to save, and become financial independent. Knowing how Canada’s financial system works with respect to savings, mortgages, and other financial stuffs is a good start. Knowing where and how to save is certainly a bonus.

Did you know that Safeway, Safe on Food and RONA gives discount on every last Tuesday of the month? Do you want to know more? The next financial literacy session in a month’s time will focus on knowing where to save as you plan do your Christmas shopping in Edmonton.

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