Interview with Financial Literaracy Poetry : Emmanuel Oloye

Sometime in May, 2019, we did a call for submission on a poetry contest to engage kids towards financial education, and financial discipline. Emerging from this competition, as overall winner was 12 years old Emmanuel Oloye, who after being awarded, attended one of our financial literacy series for adults with his mum. Our facilitator: Kirsha Campbell had the opportunity of engaging Emmanuel, who showed such admirable entreprising quality. In this we could understand why Emmanuel produced such quality piece, as he is very enterprising. Because of people like Emmanuel, we have this non-profit running, and because of people who are not like Emmanuel who can benefit from our resources and mentoring from other kids like Emmanuel.

With Emmanuel’s sharing, we were able to also provide some more leverage skills and tools, and see how this could work as an entity; school work, family, and his wholesome person.