We Take Your Recyclables, Support Us!

So many people are moving to Canada to seek greener pastures and fundamental human rights. What a lot are not prepared for is the financial struggle in acclamatising, paying for bills, and getting out of debts they did not prepare for. A lot of Canadians are currently struggling with multiple jobs, increasing debt, with their pockets becoming deeper in debts and their health steadily sinking. With the quest to pay up bills, so many are not even able to afford time to access free health care till their health deteriorates.

Also, so many adults struggling with debt where kids and youths who did not know about savings, investment, learning how to be financially stablehas your situation changes. Because of our awareness of this existing problem, we want to help. TCLI Foundation is dedicated to educating kids, youth, newcomers, vulnerable and marginalised in our community. In order to enable us achieve more and reach more people, we seek your recyclables to empower more people with our resources, (afterall, this is financial sustainability *winks*)

You can reach out to us via phone call at 587-874-0406, email at info@tclifoundation.ca or contact the number in the flyer below; because, together we can.