My Education, My Future Poetry by Subhaan Lasisi (1st Runner Up, TCLI Poetry Contest)

Education is fun, it is the light of tomorrow.

Of what benefit is it to lose such a golden opportunity when you could have fun

Education is an opportunity for a difference, be different

It is a guide to prosperity and security for our tomorrow

Make hay while the sun shines

Lost opportunities, feelings we can never regain

Opportunity knocks but once, so grab it

Education is costly, exploit it while it is affordable

It is a gift, and should be guarded jealously

Education is powerful, aspire to be powerful and change the world

Education commands respect, it drives wealth and it is the master key that opens doors of impossibilities

Education gives strength, it sheds light on your talent

Never hide those strengths and talents of yours and be strong like a mighty lion

Dictate your future and do not be dictated to

This is the golden opportunity, be educated and drive a better tomorrow

My education is my future, I choose to be educated and I will change the world.