We dare to, because, we can achieve together

To support the works we do, you can make a donation via paypal, credit card or debit card by clicking the donate button below

or make an electronic transfer (etransfer) to

To support the works we do, you can make a donation via paypal

Or make an electronic transfer (etransfer) to

Your funding will help us achieve‚Äč

More women empowerment.

Equal space and opportunity for visible minorities.

Learning platform for children.

Opportunity for inclusion and diversity.

Provision of resources for marginalised and vulnerable such as low-income earners and visible minorities

Financial empowerment to all Canadian children and vulnerable adults.

About Us

Our Mission

To empower the marginalized in our community, give voice to the voiceless, hope to the despondent and light out obscure areas.

With our art, culture, and literature we are empowering one feat at a time. To Conquer. We Conquer. Together

Our Vision

Using literature, arts and culture we hope to empower Canadians in health, finance and education.

Our ultimate goals are in wholeness, wellness and well-being of all.


SISTERHOOD Programme to create a safe space for African immigrants towards independence, inclusion and empowerment.

Providing support for women through financial empowerment programmes, training sessions, networks, skillset towards independence and interdependence.

Financial literacy for kids and newcomers.

Digital library towards education and social development

Digital platform towards promotion of projects on visible minority and vulnerable sect.