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Black in Business: Success Stories

Want to learn about overcoming the struggles of running a business? 🤔 Are you curious about how experienced professionals created their successful businesses?💸 This panel discussion will discuss just that!

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19th Feb 2022
05:00 PM MDT
(07:00 PM EST)

Types of questions that will be answered...


How to overcome the struggles of starting a business


Understanding & combatting the realities of being black in business


How to maintain & expand a start-up business

Topics that will be discussed...


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Real Estate

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26th Feb 2022

05:00 PM MDT

Black Entrepreneur: Impact and Incentives

A TCLI workshop to learn & discuss financial literacy and freedom with a black entrepreneur guest speaker. 👀

Those and many other questions will be answered at our upcoming workshop! 🤑 This workshop will invite TCLI’s well-respected leaders & a financially well-versed speaker to discuss the importance of financial literacy and uncover ways black people can work towards financial freedom through education of finances.💵

Speaker TBD

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