Who We Are?

Our Mission

Our  mission is to provide a supportive and enabling community for newcomers and visible minority families towards building a healthier and balanced life and community with supportive settlement processes and integration through mentoring opportunities, workshops, training and bootcamp programs. 

To empower the marginalized in our community, give voice to the voiceless, hope to the despondent and light out obscure areas.

With our art, culture, and literature we are empowering one feat at a time. To Conquer. We Conquer. Together.

Our Vision

To provide an enabling and supportive community to newcomer and visible minority families towards financial freedom, self empowerment and career development and good health such that 90% of newcomers and visible minority families are able to build healthier balanced life and community for themselves within three years of migration.

Using literature, arts and culture we hope to empower Canadians in health, finance and education.

Our ultimate goals are in wholeness, wellness and well-being of all.

Extraordinary Experiences

The following are the drives of our vision:

4 in 10 Canadian women know minimal about financial literacy with at least 9 in 10 struggling with their finances. TCLI foundation is geared towards providing more empowerment for women through financial literacy and making marginalised populace like women and children more financially independent.

Newcomers experience struggles in settling down and face so much barriers in adapting to a new environment, and slowly they get into debts and face financial struggles and poor mental health. TCLI seeks to empower newcomers towards being financially literate in their new environment and become financially stable. We help newcomers, visible minority and other marginalised communities by providing supports in ways that can reduce their financial burden.

So many students owe student loan, some do not have a strategy for budgeting and planning their finances which can lead to detrimental consequences. TCLI is invested in aiding young ones towards building a sustainable future and grooming them to be financially independent.

Despite Canada’s high ranking level of education and free schooling up to high school, there are still young ones who do not like going to school and do not have the right guidance towards this path. We are interested in promoting reading and writing culture using, arts, literature and culture to encourage those who do not see the value of education and help them see its use in what they have a passion for and their prospective goal.

With good health all of these are achievable and so we are constantly seeking health promotion and disease prevention to make our community safe, habitable with prolonged and good quality life.

Our Core Values

These are our core values:

Our Goals

These are our goals :


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